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About Trek7

Driven by the need to provide superior waterproofing protection for outdoor gear, the team at Trek7 helps individuals and enthusiasts protect their investment and keep them dry while enjoying the sports and activities that they love. Trek7 is a California based company that creates safe, effective, and easy to use waterproofing and cleaning products that balances the need to be environmentally responsible with the need for superior products.

Our Values And Commitments

Our company thrives on three core values. Integrity - We have a passion for being responsibile to both the earth and our customers. Curiosity - We never stop seeking better solutions and continually strive to improve your outdoor experience. Loyalty - We always listen to and take care of our customers. We focus all our efforts on providing safe and effective solutions.

The Latest On Trek7

Interested in learning more about where Trek7 is headed? Check out our Press section or if you’d like to speak with us, just give us a call or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

What's Behind Trek7

The Trek7 team is a tight-knit, colorful group with a wide palette of disciplines all sharing their passion for our company’s core values.

Trek7 Products

Trek7’s products currently include waterproofing and cleaning treatment for synthetic and natural fabrics specially formulated to protect the outdoor enthusiast.. There are more great products just on the horizon so be sure to come back often!

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