Knowledge Base - Active Wash Fabric Cleaner

Why Do I Need To Use Active Wash?

If you are applying any of our other products, performance can be greatly enhanced by first properly cleaning and preparing the fabric. Active Wash leaves the fabric clean and residue free and provides the ideal starting point from which to apply our other products.

Why can't I use regular detergent or soap to clean my fabrics?

Regular detergent or soap can leave a residue and this residue can affect the wateproofing ability of the fabric. To ensure you are getting the maximum water repellency possible, we strongly recommend using Active Wash to ensure your fabric is residue free and is properly prepared for a waterproofing treatment such as Aqua Armor.

What if I've already used laundry soap or detergent on my clothing?

Normal laundry soaps leave a residue that can affect the water repellency of your item. We recommend re-washing the item in Active Wash to ensure that your item is completely residue free.

Can I use Active Wash for Outdoor Fabrics on clothing?

Yes. While each Active Wash is specially formulated for a specific purpose, they can be safely used on all fabrics.

How do I use Active Wash for Down?

While it is possible to machine wash, we feel that the best results come from hand washing. Please see the Active Wash for Down label for specific instructions.

How do I mix Active Wash?

Dilution instructions are available on the Active Wash label.

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