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How do I know which product to choose?

IF YOUR FABRIC CAN BE HEAT TREATED, determine the fabric type:


Will Aqua Armor work on other surfaces besides fabrics?

Our products are specially formulated for use only on fabrics. If you are trying to waterproof a different type of item, we recommend you seek out products that are specifically designed for your needs.

Will Aqua Armor affect the feel of the fabric?

No Aqua Armor will not affect the color, feel, or pliability of the fabric.

Will Aqua Armor leave a smell on my fabric?

No. Once dry Aqua Armor is odor free. When applying, there is a slight smell of alcohol which will quickly evaporate.

How much will a bottle treat?

8 ounce bottle up to 40 square feet. 16 ounce bottle up to 80 square feet. 32 ounce bottle up to 160 square feet. We use high output triggers so be sure not to over-apply Aqua Armor.

How much do I spray on?

Just enough to wet the surface of the fabric. It does not need to be soaking wet.

How long should I wait before I apply heat?

Let the Aqua Armor absorb into the fabric for 5 minutes to allow penetration. Hand iron, place in the dryer, or apply some other heat method.

How do I "Heat Activate" Aqua Armor?

There are several methods for heat activating. Different methods include using a clothing iron, placing the item in a clothes dryer, using a hair dryer, using an arts & crafts heat tool, heat press, heat transfer machines. Anything that will safely provide heat for the type of fabric you are treating. Always follow the care label instructions.

How do I "Heat Activate" a synthetic fabric?

Always follow the manufacturers care label first. If heat can be applied, be very careful not to melt the fabric. We prefer hand ironing so we can feel if the fabric is getting too hot and because we can target heat exactly where it's needed in small areas at a time.

Can I let the "heat activated" formulas air dry?

Yes you can but your protection may become diminished more quickly.

How exactly does the heat activation work?

The heat activation causes a bonding process that binds our waterproofing formula to fabric. This provides a more durable protection than some other waterproofing products on the market and also avoids the necessary use of harsh solvents.

Is it possible to apply too much Aqua Armor?

Yes. The biggest issue is that you are wasting product. Do not allow large puddles to form. Ideally you want to spray just enough to become absobed into the fabric and then apply the heat. If you over-apply, simply wipe the excess with a wet cloth or sponge.

Are two coats of Aqua Armor really necessary?

We want to ensure your fabric is fully protected but if you have ensured good coverage the first time, test the waterproofing ability by sprinklng water on the fabric. If the water bounces off or beads up, your protection should be sufficient. If not, a second treatment is recommended.

What is the difference between the heat activated and UV activated Aqua Armor products?

The heat activated products are generally designed for clothing and gear but can be used on anything that can be heat treated. The UV activated products are designed for larger outdoor items or items that cannot have heat applied. The UV activated products "cure" in the sun over time.

How long does the UV activated products need to sit in the sun?

We recommend at least 3 days before you are expecting showers but generally the longer the better. Because we do not use harsh solvents, time is needed in order for the protection to completely "cure" to the fabric.

Will this work on automobile convertible tops?

We do not recommend using Aqua Armor on convertible tops. We recommend seeking products specifically designed for this purpose.

Will this work on pop-up tents?

Yes but we recommend you perform testing on a small area first. Aqua Armor is not designed to seal severely damaged or torn fabrics.

How long will Aqua Armor last?

Our tests have shown that Aqua Armor usually lasts a complete season on clothing but your experience may vary based on numerous factors some of which are the cleanliness of the fabric before treating, if the fabric is being wash and if harsh soaps are used, if it was properly heat treated or UV cured, etc.

Is there a way to "rejuvenate" the waterproofing protection?

If your item is heat treatable, you can attempt to reactivate some of the protection by re-heating the item. Be sure to follow all manufacturer's care label instructions.

When should I re-apply Aqua armor?

It may be time to re-apply if you notice that the water is not beading up on your fabric. We suggest first attempting to reactivate the protection by heat treating. If this does not provide satisfactory protection, then a re-treatment may be necessary.

Do I need to clean my fabric before waterproofing?

Yes for ideal protection you need to start with a clean fabric. We recommend using Active Wash for Clothing to safely clean the fabric leaving it free from residue.

Can I use Aqua Armor for Naturals on Synthetic Fabrics?

Yes but performance may not be ideal as each formula is scientifically formulated and optimized for the specified fabric type.

Can I use Aqua Armor for Synthetics on Natural Fabrics?

Yes but performance may not be ideal as each formula is scientifically formulated and optimized for the specified fabric type.

Can I use Aqua Armor on Barbour or other waxed materials?

In general our products are not compatible with waxed fabrics. Many manufacturers recommend that everything be avoided except water and as such Aqua Armor may affect the original wax coating. Check with the manufacturer of your item for more information.

Can Aqua Armor be used on diapers or other baby items?

Yes Aqua Armor can be used on items such as car seats, cloth diapers, etc.

Can I use Aqua Armor on bathing suits?

In most instances, we do not recommend Aqua Armor for use on bathing suits. Performance may be acceptable on professional swimwear but re-application will be more frequent.

Why don't you sell a wash-in formula like some other manufacturers?

Waterproofing should be applied exactly where it is needed and wash-in formulas are a bad idea. Washing machines can use as much as 40 gallons of water so you are in essence making a 40 gallon batch of waterproofing and usually only fitting a few items into the washing machine. This is a huge waste of water and usually comes at a premium cost. This also waterproofs the insides of your garments and can affect the breathability of your fabric. Even Gore-tex recommends AGAINST using wash-in formulas on their products. Companies that sell both wash-in formulas and sprays would never advise you to spray the inside of a jacket yet this is exactly what happens with wash-in formulas. Wash-in formulas waste money, product, water, may affect breathability and Trek7 is committed to a better solution. Spray it right where it needs to be.

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