Knowledge Base - Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector

How long will Ray Bloc last?

Ray Bloc can protect fabrics from UV damage up to an entire season but will vary based on environmental conditions and the material being treated.

Do I apply Ray Bloc before or after Aqua Armor Waterproofing?

To ensure thorough coverage, Ray Bloc should be applied first then allowed to dry. Aqua Armor can then be applied and thoroughly cured.

Can Ray Bloc be used on clothing?

Yes Ray Bloc can be used on clothing. Spray the clothes until damp and activate by using a heated dryer or hand iron. Follow all manufacturer's care instructions.

Does Ray Bloc have any lingering odors?

No. Once Ray Bloc has dried is it odor free.

Does Ray Bloc affect the color or feel of the fabric?

No. Ray Bloc will not affect the color, feel, or flexibility of the fabric.

How do I know when it's time to re-apply Ray Bloc?

Sprinkle water on the treated item. If it beads water, it is still protected. If applied to clothing, try to rejuventate the protection by using a heated dryer if allowed per the manufacturer's care label.

Can I use Ray Bloc on fake or silk Plants?

Yes Ray Bloc can be used on fake plants that are silk or fabric but the durability of Ray Bloc on plastic may be dimished.

If I use Ray Bloc, Do I Also Need Aqua Armor

Ray Bloc does contain a small amount of Aqua Armor but if you need the strongest waterproofing protection possible, we recommend you purchase Aqua Armor.

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