How To Waterproof A Tent

Tent Waterproofing is easy with Aqua Armor Tent & Gear!

Aqua Armor Tent & Gear is the easiest and most effective product for waterproofing tent or waterproofing gear. It is an advanced waterproofing product that provides the most durable protection from water, oil, and stains. Our products are water-based, dry odor-free and are earth friendly. Performance is never compromised.

Tent Waterproofing, Tent Water-Proofing


How Does it Work?

Aqua Armor Tent & Gear is a water based formulation that when dry forms a strong bond to your tent providing durable tent waterproofing protection from the rain.

How Do I Apply it?

Simply spray it on and let it dry -preferably in full sunlight.

Why is it Better?

• Water-based - safer for the environment than competitive products
• Contains no harsh solvents or harsh chemicals
• Dries odor free, no fumes or residue


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Aqua Armor Tent & Gear

Water Based

Earth Friendly

Long Lasting Protection

Guaranteed Performance

Easy To Apply

A bottle of this stuff has kept me and my gear dry throughout the entire year!
-Chris Staggs



Aqua Armor for tent and gear