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Safe, Effective Fabric Cleaning
For Clothing & Gear

  • Ideal for both machine and handwashing
  • Cleans, deodorzes, revitalizes high tech fabrics
  • NO residue, scents, bleach, phosphates, or softeners
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable

No aerosols, no harsh chemicals, just performance



16 oz
32 oz
Ships Same / Next Day

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Fabric Cleaner without harsh detergents to safely remove tough stains.

Active Wash for Clothing & Gear fights to remove stains, residues, odors, and revitalize breathability without damaging water repellency coatings on high tech fabrics.

Formulated for Fabric Types:

All natural or synthetic high tech fabrics found in clothing and gear.

Superior On:

Designed to safely clean all types of fabric including those found in garments, clothing, gloves, snow bibs, jackets, pants, hats, beanies, snow pants, snow jackets, winter jacket, ski jacket, ski pants, aprons


hiking, camping, running, jogging, snowboarding, trekking, mountain biking, climbing, cycling, snowsports, bicycling.

Earth Friendly Solutions

All of Trek7's products are water-based and contain no heavy solvents, harsh chemicals or aerosols. We strive to make solutions that are safe for the environment without affecting superior performance.

Customer Reviews

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"Active Wash got my grungy jacket clean and prepared it for rewaterproofing. Worked great."

-Submitted by S. Lewis

"At Trek7's advice, I used this instead of my normal laundry soap and I've got to say that I think the water repellency is improved just from cleaning."

-Submitted by C. M.

"I've been using this for a few months now and it does a great job of getting the fabric clean and removing some nasty odors.."

-Submitted by Collin Owens

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do I Need Active Wash?

If you are applying any of our other products, performance can be greatly enhanced by first properly cleaning and preparing the fabric. Active Wash leaves the fabric clean and residue free and provides the ideal starting point from which to apply our other products.

Why Can't I use Regular Detergents?.

Regular detergent or soap can leave a residue and this residue can affect the wateproofing ability of the fabric. To ensure you are getting the maximum water repellency possible, we strongly recommend using Active Wash to ensure your fabric is residue free and is properly prepared for a waterproofing treatment such as Aqua Armor.

What if I've already used laundry soap or detergent on my clothing?

Normal laundry soaps leave a residue that can affect the water repellency of your item. We recommend re-washing the item in Active Wash to ensure that your item is completely residue free.

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How To Apply

Always follow manufacturer's care instructions first. Pretreat tough stains first by using Active Wash full strength on affected area.

  1. Close all zippers and flaps
  2. Use delicate setting and warm water
  3. Add Active Wash by following dilution guide below
  4. Add items and complete wash cycle

  1. Fill bucket or tub with warm water
  2. Add Active Wash by following dilution guide below
  3. Let item soak for 15 minu
  4. Gently wash item then rinse thoroughly

  1. Follow manufacturer's instructions first
  2. Hang garments /lay sleeping bags flat & allow to air dry completely before using


For hand washing, use 1/2 ounce (2 caps) per 5 gallons

For machine washing, use 1/2 ounce (2 caps) for LOW water level, 1 ounce (4 caps) for MEDIUM water level, 2 ounce (8 caps) for HIGH water level settings


We normally ship same / next day from Southern California using USPS so you will receive your order promptly.

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