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Safe, Effective Cleaning For
Down and Feather Filled Items

  • Cleans, deodorizes, revitalizes loft
  • Easy to apply
  • NO residue, scents, bleach, phosphates, or softeners
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable

No aerosols, no harsh chemicals, just performance



8 oz
Ships Same / Next Day

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Down Cleaner without harsh detergents to safely restore loft and remove odors.

Active Wash for down is a gentle cleaner that safely cleans, restores loft, and removes odors without impacting the natural oils of the down. Safely removes residues left by other cleaners.

Formulated for Fabric Types:

All down or feather filled clothing or products.

Superior On:

Designed to safely clean all types of down items including down sleeping bags, down pillows, down comforters, down jacket, jackets, down mummy bags, sleeping bags and more.

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Earth Friendly Solutions

All of Trek7's products are water-based and contain no heavy solvents, harsh chemicals or aerosols. We strive to make solutions that are safe for the environment without affecting superior performance.

Customer Reviews

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"Simple product that simply works. I got best results from hand washing my down sleeping bag. Took a little extra time but worth it."

-Submitted by K Brewer

"Like others have said, worked great on my down items and the concentrate is lasting me a long time. Thanks!"

-Submitted by C T

"Was easy to rinse out. I used the bathtub method as other have stated just to make sure I didnt harm my jacket. Got it clean easily."

-Submitted by Michelle H.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do I Need Active Wash?

If you are applying any of our other products, performance can be greatly enhanced by first properly cleaning and preparing the fabric. Active Wash leaves the fabric clean and residue free and provides the ideal starting point from which to apply our other products.

Why Can't I use Regular Detergents?.

Regular detergent or soap can leave a residue and this residue can affect the wateproofing ability of the fabric. To ensure you are getting the maximum water repellency possible, we strongly recommend using Active Wash to ensure your fabric is residue free and is properly prepared for a waterproofing treatment such as Aqua Armor.

What if I've already used a detergent on my down item?

Normal detergents can leave a residue that can affect the water repellency of your item. We recommend re-washing the item in Active Wash to ensure that your item is completely residue free.

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How To Apply

Pretreat tough stains using full strength Active Wash directly on affected area

  1. Combine Active Wash with water (see dilution guide below)
  2. Float item in water (do not submerse) and gently hand wash
  3. Rinse until water runs clear
  4. Lay item flat until thoroughly air dried

  1. If down becomes wet and care label allows, you may use commercial dryer on LOW heat. Add tennis balls to help break up clumps

For hand washing, use 1 ounce (2 caps) per 5 gallons


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