Waterproofing For Today's High Tech
Clothing, Gear, and Outdoor Fabrics

  • Prices from $9.99
  • Performance Guaranteed
  • Water-Based, NOT Solvent Based
  • Fabric Remains Breathable

No aerosols, no harsh chemicals, just performance

Formulated for high-tech fabrics
Found in clothing & Gear

Formulated for clothing and gear that can be heat activated. Creates a tough waterproof barrier providing unsurpassed protection from moisture and staining.


nylon, polyester, rayon, polyblends, polypropylene


cotton, canvas, wool, linen, denim

Snow & Gear

hardshells, Gore-tex, eVent, Rayon, Polyester

Formulated for all
Outdoor fabrics

for all outdoor fabric or large items that require UV activation. Provides protection from the elements.

Patio &

furniture, awnings, cushions, Canopies, umbrellas, Covers

& Gear

Tents, Backpacks, Shelters, Sleeping Bags, Camping Gear

Special formulations for the Right Job

Whether it be for clothing or outdoor fabrics, Trek7 has a special formula to meet your specific needs helping to optimize performance and get greater results!

Which product do I need?

For heat treatable fabrics or clothing, choose the product based on the fabric type. If it is an outdoor fabric, use our Tent & Gear formula for synthetics and use our Patio & Awning for natural fabrics.

Earth Friendly Solutions

All of Trek7's products are water-based and contain no heavy solvents, harsh chemicals or aerosols. We strive to make solutions that are safe for the environment without affecting superior performance.

Customer Reviews

"Thanks Trek7 for the great products. I've finally found an effective earth friendly solution for my fabric waterproofing needs!."

-Submitted by Jeff Davis

"It's nice to find a product that works and is water-based. Thank you for the fast service and quick delivery."

-Submitted by G. Byers

"Thank you for the waterproofing spray. Trek7 is a great company and it's nice to know your right here in the USA"

-Submitted by Tracy Childs

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