Tent Waterproofing

Aqua Armor Tent & Gear is the easiest most effective method for Tent Waterproofing!

Aqua Armor Tent & Gear is an advanced waterproofing spray that protects your tent from water, oil, and stains. Our products are water-based, dry odor-free and are earth friendly. Performance is never compromised.

Tent Waterproofing with Aqua Armor Tent & Gear


How Does it Work?

Aqua Armor Tent & Gear is a water based formulation that when dry forms a strong bond and gives you great tent waterproofing protection.

How Do I Apply it?

Simply spray it on and let it dry -preferably in full sunlight.

Why is it Better?

• Water-based - safer for the environment than competitive products
• Contains no harsh solvents or harsh chemicals
• Dries odor free, no fumes or residue


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Aqua Armor Tent & Gear

Water Based

Earth Friendly

Long Lasting Protection

Guaranteed Performance

Easy To Apply

A bottle of this stuff has kept me and my gear dry throughout the entire year!
-Chris Staggs



Aqua Armor for tent and gear