Waterproofing fabric spray that works

No aerosols, no harsh chemicals, just performance

Aqua Armor is an advanced solution for waterproofing fabric that provides the most durable protection from water, oil, and stains. Our products are water-based and earth friendly. Performance is never compromised.

Waterproofing Fabric Spray - Aqua Armor protected and untreated fabric

Choose Your Solution

Heat Activated

Spray for Garments, jackets, clothing

8oz & 16oz sizes

LEARN MORE about how Aqua Armor can protect my synthetic fabric garments LEARN MORE about how Aqua Armor can protect my natural fabric garments



Sun / UV Activated

Spray for Outdoor Gear & Products

16oz, 32oz, 16oz concentrate sizes

LEARN MORE about how Aqua Armor can protect my tent, gear, and other outdoor items LEARN MORE about how Aqua Armor can protect my backyard patio furniture, cushions, and awnings

Tent & Gear

Patio & Awning

Finally a Fabric Spray That Works!

Aqua Armor waterproofing fabric spray will keep you dry longer and help protect your gear from moisture, soiling and mildew without the needs for aerosols or harsh chemicals

But Does The Waterproofing Fabric Protection Last?

After waterproofing the fabric, you will be left with durable protection that will provide long lasting protection against the elements. Just about all liquids are repelled from penetrating the fabric keeping your items looking new longer and saving you from costly replacements

Heat Activation or Sun Activation?

Our heat activated formula is ideal for smaller items that can be ironed or placed in a clothing dryer. Larger items are easily treated with our Sun / UV activation formula. Just spray it on and leave outdoors until dry!

Water Based

Earth Friendly

Long Lasting Protection

Guaranteed Performance

Easy To Apply

A bottle of this stuff has kept me and my gear dry throughout the entire year!
-Chris Staggs