What Can I do if my order has not shown up?

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USPS states that Priority shipments can be delivered in 2-3 days and Parcel Post can take up to 7 days but these are not guaranteed times. Our experience shows that delivery times can take longer (sometimes much longer particularly Parcel Post) so we’ve established timelines that must lapse before we consider any solution to lost or missing shipments. For Priority we wait at least 7 business days and for Parcel Post we wait at least 14 business days. From December 5th until January 15th these times are 10 business days for Priority and 20 business days for Parcel Post. Prior to these timelines elapsing you have the option to pay for a replacement order. If the first order is never received we will refund your initial order. You will be required to mail in a signed letter stating the initial order was never received. If the initial order is received, you will have the option to keep it or return it at your expense. Feel free to contact us to determine when your order was shipped in order to determine when it is estimated to arrive.

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