Why don’t you sell a wash-in formula like some other manufacturers?

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Waterproofing should be applied exactly where it is needed and wash-in formulas are a bad idea. Washing machines can use as much as 40 gallons of water so you are in essence making a 40 gallon batch of waterproofing and usually only fitting a few items into the washing machine. This is a huge waste of water and usually comes at a premium cost. This also waterproofs the insides of your garments and can affect the breathability of your fabric. Even Gore-tex recommends AGAINST using wash-in formulas on their products. Companies that sell both wash-in formulas and sprays would never advise you to spray the inside of a jacket yet this is exactly what happens with wash-in formulas. Wash-in formulas waste money, product, water, may affect breathability and Trek7 is committed to a better solution. Spray it right where it needs to be.

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