prevent fading and sun damage.


UV Protection for All Fabrics

Prevent UV fading and degradation on all fabrics


Sun Protection For Your Clothing

Provides Skin Protection By Treating Your Clothing.
Adds SPF To Any Fabric!

We Know Fabric Care.


xperienced fabric care specialists. Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector keeps your fabrics protected from fading and damage caused by exposure to the sun. We’ve created innovative formulations specifically intended for use on clothing, indoor, or outdoor fabrics. You can be certain you’ll find the exact product that meets your exact needs.

Earth Friendly


Effective Products

Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly

We only formulate earth friendly and environmentally conscience solutions using the latest in chemistry and science.



We avoid harsh solvents and all of our products use water-based technology as the basis for our advanced formulations.

Made In The USA

Made In The USA

We are a United States based small business where we formulate, produce, package, label, ship, and process all of your orders. We appreciate you as a customer and appreciate your support!

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